vrijdag 14 december 2018

Codex Chaos Space Marines (2012)

After the bland book of the 4th edition, we jump again 5 years forward and into 6th for this glorious book.

And it was the very first Codex Games Workshop ever released with a hard cover!

Printed in colour, this 104 page tome contained a whole host of new units for the forces of Chaos, with Dark Apostle's, Heldrake's, Maulerfiend's and of course the venerable Cultist.  Truly a whole new arsenal to play with if you are a follower of the Dark Gods.

While we would still have to wait for 8th to have the Legions come back in all their uniqueness, this book did do a good job of allowing you to tune your forces due to very extensive Mark options and effects.

It did suffer in the end when newer books arrived of the "latest codex wins" syndrome, but that is something that is appearing even now in the current edition.  Heck, the Primaris fanboys are getting an updated codex Space Marines soon even!  But we, followers of Chaos, are a very adaptive bunch and the forces in 6th could hold their own, albeit at times very hard pressed, against the newer ones.

A lovely book, printed in colour as well, it followed the regular pattern of fluff, unit overview and army list / gear.  A format dating back for almost 20 years now and we all have gotten pretty used to that.

And of course, the necessary full painted armies are in there as well...

This was the last book I played before my hiatus, but I loved it back then with all the new units to go to battle with.  And since there wasn`t a codex in 7th, this means I didn`t skip one version of my beloved army of 40k...

Death to the False Emperor!

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