zaterdag 29 december 2018

Haul Report 162: The Xmas Edition

Hohoho, seems Santa thinks I have been a good boy this year!

Which of course, I was, but that is next to the point ;-)

With the holiday of cheer and presents upon us, the amount of loot has increased exponentially this week, so let's look what fell into my lap.

On christmas eve, me and the Dolly went for dinner at my parents, and after the exchange of gifts I had some very nice items for the collection.

The Middle Earth Army Book has arrived, so now we can play our games using points values and statistics as needed.

More MESBG as the Dolly got me the Gandalf dice.  I`m seriously planning on getting every set GW releases from now on, they are pretty and not to confusing by having only a typical icon on the 6.

The Children of Hurin hardcover was also amongst the presents received, as was my new calendar for 2019, which might be, distracting, at times hehehehe.

The day after, it was off to the in-laws bearing more gifts, and coming back with another pile of loot.

A scarf, inhouse "shoe socks", an english bulldog agenda, a gift certificate for De Sleghte bookstore, The Adventures of Tom Bombadil book, and for MESBG a box of Haradrim raiders and the mighty Mumak!!!

I already used up half of the voucher, so I still got value on it remaining, while having added two books to the collection.  One Tolkien book I didn`t have, and one that caught my intrest due to the television series.

What a great christmas indeed, ho ho hoooo!

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