donderdag 27 december 2018

Looking at the 2018 paint numbers

The one set of goals that I want to look at a more in depth from the past year, is comparing the 2018 paint numbers versus those of 2017.

The past year was the first full year I returned to the hobby, as it was april last year when I dusted of the brushes.

Two things where immediatly visible: I painted less figures, being 609 versus 626, and the first half was a far higher turnout then the second.

The reason for both being a change in working life and all the related time management adaptions that come with it.  Now for 2019, there is also Noshi's change in professional life, so further adaptations are kicking in.  Add to that the house we want to buy by the end of the year, and that will mean 2019 will drop further in finished models I expect.

Now, the biggest increase in painted numbers the past year have been the 28mm category.  While the pure historical infantry dropped slightly, the cavalry went up, together with the addition of fantasy due to MESBG models coming into play.
I do expect 28mm going to become the biggest part of my painting once again for the next year, just due to that.

The second biggest category was 32mm, but a drop has been noticeabke.  This is mainly because last year I needed to get my forces up and running to play, while now it is just a matter of fine tuning and expanding.  More will be added in 2019 as I will be painting up Noshi's army as well as  pushing the Emperor's Children to as much done as possible.

But the other categories are going to be largely neglected I fear, except perhaps 15mm if I get round to painting my LOTR Risk playing pieces.  But the only other things that will hapen is a lot of "liquidation" painting.  Finishing models to sell them off and contribute to a new pc for when we go to the new place.

The past year already saw a serious drop in 6mm, while the other scales weren't touched upon post the analogue challenge from last year.  I doubt much will happen with them as well come 2019 unless as said earlier to sell off.

Which reminds me I really should start sorting through piles and boxes to get into that asap once AHPC9 ends in march... which will be sooner upon us then expected, seeing how time flies these days.

I guess 2019 will be even more streamlined as such in painting figures, as it will really become the year of the clean up.  In an ideal world, I'll end up with on the one hand my Emperor's Children, and on the other hand my Tolkien collection.  But all the rest should ideally become finished at last and vacated to other hobbyists...

But all this blabbering aside, let's look at the numbers themselves, comparing 2018 to 2017.  The first number is 2018, the second 2017, and then the difference:

Total finished: 609 vs 626: -17

6mm Sci-fi Infantry: 46 vs 120: -74
6mm Sci-fi Cavalry: 14 vs 20: - 6
6mm Sci-fi Vehicles: 20 vs 21: - 1

6mm Sci-fi Scenery: 1 vs 0: + 1

Total 6mm finished: 81 vs 161: - 80 models

10mm Historical Infantry: 31 vs 0: +31
10mm Historical Cavalry: 0 vs 16: - 16
10mm Historical Vehicle: 1 vs 0: + 1

Total 10mm finished: 32 vs 16: + 16 models

15mm Fantasy Infantry: 12 vs 0: + 12
15mm Fantasy Monster: 1 vs 0: + 1
15mm Scenery: 1 vs 0: + 1

Total 15mm finished: 14 vs 0: + 14 models

28mm Historical Infantry: 145 vs 163: - 18
28mm Historical Cavalry: 16 vs 5: + 11
28mm Historical Animals: 0 vs 10: - 10
28mm Fantasy Infantry: 38 vs 0: + 38
28mm Scenery: 36 vs 1: + 35

Total 28mm finished: 235 vs 213: + 22 models

30mm Heroic Infantry: 195 vs 246: - 51
30mm Heroic Cavalry: 7 vs 16: - 9
30mm Heroic Vehicle: 8 vs 5: + 3
30mm Heroic Monster: 0 vs 3: - 3
30mm Heroic Scenery: 7 vs 0: + 7

Total 30mm Heroic finished:  217 vs 270: - 53 models

So there we have it, after 2 years I still haven't touched 20mm, the past year was the first in 15mm due to the AHPC, and the 6mm followed by 30mm heroic caused the biggest drops.

Let's come back next year and see how 2019 will compare againt 2018 now shall we!

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