donderdag 6 december 2018

My Hero Academia season 2

A personal favorite of Noshi, I benched the first season a while ago to have a go with her at s2, which she had already seen halfway.

And while I thought the first one to be "okay", I quite liked the second one.

And that second half themesong is just awesome btw...

This season encompasses three big arcs in it's storyline, being at first a yearly sports tournament where the students have to overcome various hindrances, and each other.

In the second arc, they are all on internship with pro-heroes, and while Midoriya learns how to control the One for All, Iida faces against Stain, the notorious hero killer.

The final arc of the season takes the final exams of the class in, as the students get paired to face off against one of their teachers, being forced to overcome their weaknesses.

It was as I started with a very joy to watch, and Midoriya is, to quote Noshi, "such an adorable character".

Now onwards to the next season, because this stuff if surely better then the overload of Marvel and DC we have been facing the past years...

Plus Ultra!!!

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