woensdag 12 december 2018

White Dwarf December 2018

The christmas edition, and as such, this month's issue comes with a heap of freebies.

While mostly cards for their "secondary" games, I for one never look a given horse in the mouth.

So what do we get this month as presents?  First of all, a booklet containing the rules and lore of the new Delaque gang for Necromunda.
For us overhere the most intresting gift is the Chaos Gargant card for Underworlds.  Other cards included as freebies are a new unique artifact for Blackstone Fortress, a Gotrek card for Doomseeker, Grombrindal for Dicemasters and a booster card for a digital pack of Champions.

But let's look at the magazine as well now.

Planet Warhammer: a look at all that is new from Games Workshop this month.

Temporal Distort takes us back this month to issue 348, exactly 10 years ago...

Getting Started With... looks at the Middle Earth game this month.

First Blood: Blackstone Fortress a play through of the newest game to come out of the Studio, letting the players explain how it works.

White Dwarf Interview: The Gamesmaster aka Jervis Johnson.  Half of my childhood heroes in gamedesigning (Andy Chambers was the other half) tells about his world.

Golden Demon: Classic 2018 takes a look at the large model category for Age of Sigmar, and the Blood Bowl entries.

Blood in the Streets: a look at the new Cities of Death rules from Chapter Approved.

Illuminations: Art inspiring Art looks at how certain artpieces inspire into creating even more for the setting.

Gaming: Magic of Middle-Earth takes an indepth look at the spells and spellcasters of the Tolkien game.

Battle Report: To Catch a Realmgate is a 4 player large battle for the Age of Sigmar game.

Blanchitsu looks at more models inspired on the works of John Blache.

Light in the Dark: a new scenario for the Blackstone Fortress game

The Glass-Mad Gargant: rules in which 2 to 4 players have to gang together to defeat a Chaos Gargant in Underworlds.

Scions of Battle: and even more rules this month, with the Cerastus Knights coming into Adeptus Titanicus.

Paint Splatter: paint guides for House Delaque and Gandalf the White.

Reader's Models and In the Bunker

A decent issue this month, with a heap of new releases being covered (it is the gifting season after all), but also a nice amount of new rules for your games.

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