dinsdag 20 augustus 2019

More FWC reinforcements

The big benefit of 6mm is that it paints rather smoothly, and this post I boosted some extra models for my Emperor's Children.

After the previous "necessary" batch of Predators and Land Raiders, this batch makes for some nice variation, but not necessary reinforcements per se.

The first models, painted in the "pre heresy scheme" of 30k style, are a Spartan (who will be used as a Land Raider as well, but adds some miniature variation in the force, and go to battle in smaller games where I field only one them) and a Sicaran who will get the AA SPG role of the Marine Corps list.

Two Razorbacks, as above also 3D prints, are added as well, one with the anti infantry turret and the other with the anti tank one, to have some more cheap support tanks (cheap with Marines being relative of course) for the force.

The final addition for this post are three bases of Marines, but this time painted up in the pre Heresy scheme as well, in order to have more variation from the pink and black stands of my regular force.

Now the next thing I'll need for this force is some much needed air support to counter Nemesis's gunships...

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