donderdag 22 augustus 2019

The Great Wall

Okay, I LOVE this movie.  I'm grabbing the BluRay and it goes in my "often to rewatch" collection.

And while many will disagree with me... I'll tell below.  And no, it's not for the gorgeous Jing Tian...

William and Pero, two european mercenaries looking for Black Powder, a mythical weapon they want to bring back to Europe.  Surviving a night attack by a strange creature, they arrive at the Great Wall of China, commanded by General Shao and Strategist Wang.

Here they learn the creature that attacked them was Tao Tei, a demonic race returning every 60 years to punish China for it's ancient greed.  And the wall and it's protectors are all that stands between them.  William joins the forces, and he sees a magnificent army at work during the desperate battles.

But it turns out to all have been a distraction, as the Tao Tei had been tunneling underneath the wall and lay siege to the capital...

Okay, so the movie in itself is your average "desperate historical fantasy battle" movie, but for me... it was a fantastic source of inspiration.  I am so going to paint my 9th Age army in the colourschemes of the chinese force for sure, to make a striking and "wow" factor force.  And the sequence where the Wall opens up to allow scissor blades and catapults to come out was just spectacular...

So yeah, for me this is a keeper... and the night assault was still better made then the Battle of Winterfell

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