maandag 12 augustus 2019

Of Orcs and Trays

The next batch of movement trays, and the accompanying Orcs to go on them in my continuing plan to line them all nicely up in the miniature cabinets.

To that end, I painted quite a few Orcs this entry, lining out those I had already started for the past AHPC but didn't finish back then.

Now the fact is, while I wanted to complete a Rohirrim army for the 1tth of november, I won't be able to make that with renovations in full swing, so I opted for safer option of at least getting a force ready, and see if I can get the horselords done by then will be optional.  At least I'll already have an army to go to war with that way.

The doubt is still up at the moment wether this will become Minas Tirith or Mordor, but I guess it's going to be more likely that a rabble force of Evil is going to be the way forward, though in worst case I can still take along The Fellowship instead.

But for now, I painted up a bunch of the plastic orcs.  Consisting of 4 sword and shield, 6 spears, 6 double handed weapons and 5 archers, this boosts the ranks quite a bit, and while not in points, then at least in numbers.

And these guys also now allow me to field both the Mordor and the Angmar Battle Companies against each other as I have Orcs enough now for that...

Also joining the ranks as such, is a "minor" character to lead the regiments, with a captain for the legion of Mordor.

Now, this whole batch has also been a sort of testcase to be honest.  On the one hand, I tried out some other skintones then the reddish brown I've been doing my Mordor orcs in, by painting a couple with an olive skintone, and some with a blueish grey one.
On second hand, I've been experimenting with another brand of varnish, instead of the Matt Coat D'Arms I started the test on about half the 'brown skinned' ones with AK Interactive's Matte Varnish instead.  This die to the fact it comes in a) a bottle about 3 times as big for about half the price more then the smaller pots, and b) the difficulty to obtain my beloved CdA overhere in Belgium.  Love the stuff, so this will be my go to varnish once I run out of the CdA one.

And this whole lot completes one of my 2019 goals, as now the forces of Mordor have breached the 700 points goal I've set myself for this year as this lot adds 171 points to the tally...

And of course said movement trays, more or the 3D printed ones based on the sizes for War of the Rings.  I should do a lot more of them for the forces already painted, but I'm holding back until I moved appartements, for the easiness of packing up...

So that's a lovely bunch of completed models this time round for sure!

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