dinsdag 15 september 2020

Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise season 2

Even though with a break for the Covid pandemic in the middle of the season, the second season of Build Divers Re:Rise was an enjoyable affair.

Surely, the series isn`t, just as all the other Build series, the typical political heavy shows, but a more black and white affair aimed at a younger audience.

And in the spirit of the old saturday morning cartoons which where there to promote toylines, the whole concept of Gundam Build is just that, to promote GunPla kits... in a great fun way.

A beam of light, fired from an orbital satellite at the end of their fierce battle, forced Hiroto and his teammates to face the possibility that the planet Eldora where they have been battling doesn't just exist within the network game Gunpla Battle Online (GBN), but is part of the real world. For a time, this realization brought the Build Divers to a halt.

However, their bond with Freddie and the other people of Eldora, who fought with them against the One-eyes, brings Hiroto, Kazami, May, and Parviz back together again. To find Masaki Shido, the Diver whose consciousness is still trapped on Eldora... To discover the true nature of Alus, the mysterious leader of the One-eyes... And most of all, to save Freddie and their other precious comrades. There is still a remaining "mission" they must clear on Eldora. With the power of their newly built Gunpla, the true battle of the second Build Divers will now begin.

The series also features some lovely placed cameo's with the heroes and "villains' of the first Build Divers series as the Divers prepare themselves to take on Alus, and I must say I rather liked this second iteration more then the original.

And I wasn`t the only one enjoying the show ;-)

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