vrijdag 24 september 2010

All things small

In between elves from project asrai, I actually managed to paint some other things this week (that way, everything gets going step by step and `line work` is avoided)

First, some more Kraytonias with a squad of Kurall skirmishers and, since I`m sick and tired of loosing Arkalests to airstrikes, a squad of Gerresh AA tanks to defend the main battle tanks

Next up are three classic Eldar Wave Serpents, for use with the Future War Commander `Eldritch Host`, or even as `alternative` Gara transporters for my Kraytonians.

Finally, after all that 6mm violence, another regiment of 10mm Irish Chariots, two more of these units to go and the 1000 points Warmaster Ancients army is finally finished.

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