maandag 27 september 2010

Humanity`s Darkest Hour

And the word is a go, in follow up of a massive Flames of War / Victory at Sea gridcampaign I ran a couple of years ago, finally it will get a true Far Side of the Galaxy follow up.

Using FutureWar Commander for the landbased portion and Full Thrust 2 for the space encounters, humanity is about to face invaders of about each and every creature in the neighbourhood.

With a planned run of about a year (from Crisis to Crisis up and about), anyone can drop in and be immortalised in the campaign tables, even if it is only for a single game somewhere along the line... and releaves people of a year long, no other games allowed commitment, something I found out worked with the FoW vehicle as well. Though now I`ve got the experience of running such a monstrosity under the belt and the notes of what to improve, change and sort out in front of me hehehe.

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