maandag 20 september 2010

Future Wars Commander

Finally got the rulebook today through my FLGS, and it`s a scifi version of BlitzkriegCommander (ww2) for which I still have a whole army (unpainted and in the box, but heck).

These rules allow you to pit armies from various ranges against each other, expanding existing universes far beyond the initial number of army lists... and since my group has
1. a lot of SoW armies around and
2. a veteran of Blitzkrieg

it might be an opportune ruleset to slowly introduce into the game.

That, and I apparently own no less then 5 armies for the scale as all the `loose end models` suddenly are enough to form whole armies.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. This sounds like me not having to wait until they finally publish the rules for the Skyth race ... maybe I can find some replacement armylist for those models in there ?

  2. There are a couple of `bug` lists in it (a non-Tyranid one for example) and a unit builder

  3. I'm going to wait a little while before ordering. Just to see if the rules are getting some "game time" at TSA (and how they play).

    Might be a good idea to start checking our forum again from time to time ... :-)