zaterdag 4 september 2010

Project Asrai part 4

The hunt gathers

It has been a decent week in available painting time, with the War Dancer troupe receiving 5 more Loeth-icans to bolster the `ranks`. Next week i hope to have the unit champion completed and as such the first of the reworked units.

Normally, I should also manage to bump the first of the Glade Guard units to operational standard with the addition of the standard bearer and the musician, and of course a few more archers.

I settled already on a gaming date with the project, a 1000 point battle on the first friday (or second, depending social calendars et such) versus my arch old nemesis / long time gaming buddy and in this case his Beastmen army. He left the GW hobby around the same time as me, so it is only fitting that we both return at the same time, with painted forces (well, in his case, just a good dusting off is needed) and with two armies that are fluff wise direct enemies...

I also laid the groundwork for two of the more `special case` regiments my force will host, a Dryad unit (old school metal dryads bought for a jiffy of eBay, as everyone righly so passes them over for the many time more beautiful plastic ones of the current range) which will have a predominantly grey scheme, in order to contrast with the greens and browns of the rank and file troops (read: mass archers).

And a unit of Waywatchers, just because I love the idea and use of the `superscout` unit, even though they are hideously expensive point wise to field, especcially in small points battles like the one we have planned...

and a shot of how the cloaks will look

Lead Adventure Forum build something contest 2

The LAF, a great forum I frequent, is hosting a second `build something` contest over the comming months. I decided to join in the fun after the great time I had in the Lead Painter`s league, and in order to beat two flies with one swapper, use it as an opportunity to build my `free forest` on a cd (as the dimesions are ideal)

Next week, as said, hopefully the conclusion of the first two regiments for my restyled (or, to use popular Hollywood terminology, rebooted) Sylvan elf army, and maybe the start if time permist of the unit of Spearmen / Glade Guard / Eternal Guard, depending which `slang` you use form 5th, 6th or 7th edition... and that treeman does keep watching me so expectantly...


4 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice paintjob !

    Guy coming out of "GW retirement" ? That must have took some serious bribes (or threats) ! :-)

  2. You have no idea what that costed ;)

    Naaah, basically, see the rant of the first post of the project, and you`ll have a pretty good idea what you`ve been missing (or better, not been) the last months...

  3. I've read the first post again ... I understand that I haven't missed all that much then ;-)

    Why don't you two take the leap and get into Mordheim too ? I know at least two gamers who favour the story above the competition. Both of them will be making a "comeback" sometime next year :-)

  4. It`s not that hard to draw 10 - 15 models out of an army ;)