zondag 19 september 2010

Project Asrai part 7

So here we are again, after a quiet week on the painting front...

In order for the tournament I`m entering (and found out that it is a registred T3 tournament, see http://www.tabletoptournaments.net/be/index.php if you want to know what that is all about), I`ve been busy seeing how to paint another 1000 points in just under 2 weeks. Expensive units, trinkets for the characters and such, it won`t be an ideal battleforce, but it will have to do the job to get the new edition under the knees.

An edition I will be playing the very first time the comming friday, and (if I remember to take my digicam along) will be featured in my entry next week.

So for the painting works of this week, I started a second unit of Glade Guard which will be a small 10 man unit to defend the flank against small units of skirmishers or fast cavalry that try to race to my backlines.

So far, 4 plastic archers and the command group are finished, three more are currently in the undercoat.

After that, it`ll be the rounding out of the Dryad and Waywatcher units to the numbers they will be included in the tournament. The first will be two more Dryads so that they are totalling 10 strong, and a Shadow Sentinel chemapion for the Waywatchers.

After the tourney list is done, I`ll be doing some sideprojects to finish off forces of other systems, like finally completing my 1000 points Warmaster Historical army, or build on my Kraytonians for Seeds of War and some more 6mm scifi for use with Future Wars Commander (a system we will prolly evolve into from Seeds of War, as it is more detailed and features much more army lists from various manufacturers).

And maybe it is time I started a new forage into the 40k universe as well, I have a plan (and needed models) lying around since ages... just about time to get it to the execution phase...

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  1. 40K ? More snacks for my Tyranids ! :-)

  2. Promises, promises...

    Also, metal is heavy on the digestive system

  3. Just get it painted up and we'll get it on ! euhm ... modelwise that is ... you know, with miniatures ... and dice ... not like ... well ... ah crap !