vrijdag 24 september 2010

Tau commander to be...

Well, still deciding on the colour scheme of the army but prolly based on HA custom, and needing to round out some projects first, but this is the kit I have lying around for a while now to become the battlesuit of my commander.

The model is about 12 cm`s in height, so not to overbearing ont he others, and his two bodyguards will be made up out of other mobile suit models OR Forge Worlds excellent suits, not sure on that one yet. 1/144 in scale and will come `armed` with a twin linked burstcannon and a missile pod

Heavy Arms hoooooooo!

Loving the Tau for their `anime` look the day they came out, the army will feature only battlesuits, drones and Fire Warriors. No tanks, no Kroot, no Vespid etc etc etc... perhaps a few Piranha`s due to them being cool models, while the `no tanks` has nothin` to do with the image in my mind of how the force should look when finished, and everything with my not liking of painting such grand model vehicles...

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