zaterdag 11 september 2010

Project Asrai part 5

The muster gathers...

It has been a good week for painting (okay, mainly thanks to it being so busy at work i couldn`t catch sleep in the evenings, but every downside has an upside hehe) and the first two units have become ready for battle in the build up to the first 1000 points force.

First of all is a unit of Glade Guards, with for the first time in like 5 years the requirement to paint a banner freehanded, as my stints the last years in various other games didn`t have standard bearers around (apart from a small pennant here or there). So out came the pencil and white paper to draw a design and paint up. Accompanying him are the musician and 6 more archers including one of the very very old first plastic archers, I believe the set was called Fantasy Regiments or something, and included a few plastic models of various armies...

This creates a nice block of 15 Archers with full command (yes, I always go for full command where possible and logicaly making sense, can`t imagine a scout unit stalking forests silently toting a huge pole around) which will deploy in 2 ranks with a character joining in.

Alors en dance

The second unit that completed this week is the first War dancer troupe, with the addition of a unit champion. The model might be a tad larger but I thought she was so full of character and flavor, I couldn`t resist buying her and incorporating her into the army. The model, called Eduhin Morningstar, is produced by Enigma Miniatures in their 30mm Heroic Scale range Massive Darkness. I bet the guy that partly accompanies her probably died with a nice view in his last moments...

She now leads a unit of 10 War Dancers, though it`ll prolly get bumped up to full 15 over time, but the unit is now `battle ready`.

The road winds onwards

In the comming week I`m going to try and finish either a small unit of Dryads or a small unit of Waywatchers, both will be in the `starting list` on minimum strength needed just to give them a go. I never played with Dryads in my previous life in Warhammer, so that`ll be some puzzling, and Waywatchers where a luxury to be taken when Scouts could be upgraded with all their traps and such, never fielded them much back then but I think they will be a mainstay in my new take on the Asrai. So to finish of this week, the second Dryad of the unit got painted...

Now only to decide how much painttime I`m going to be able to free up the comming month. The 9th of October there is a low key non `Ranking der Nederlanden` (and as such, far less killer and more fun lists) 2000 points tournament in the local youth club, and I`m tempted to give it a shot to see how the whole thing works (with a single objective when i go there: not to loose each and every battle wih a total massacre) these days... but that also means I must paint about 1300 points in less then 30 days... OUCH... even with a week of holidays comming up end of september, that`s going to be a hard effort, so I`ll see how far I get before the month ends.

Till next week

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  1. How to paint 1300pts worth of models in under a month ?
    Answer : Sick leave from work! :-)

    Great looking wardancer unit