zaterdag 25 september 2010

Kraytonians vs Andrayada

Yesterday we played the last round of a small Seeds of War campaign, with forces of 250 points. We had three Andrayada players, two Kratonians and a single Pax Arcadia commander, and in the end this reflected in the crushing victory the robot team scored.

So, I planned to make a battlereport of my final battle, but the battle turned out to be anything but that. Lousy rolls on my side, extra-ordinary rolls on my opponents and my curse of SoW, failure to activate (2 out of 6 successes in turn 2)made that the game was over by the half of turn three.

To give an example, I fired with 12 TAV 9 shots vs 4 FDV 6 targets and scored a full 3 kills. My opponent fired 9 TAV 8 shots vs a 3 strong FDV 7 target and the whole unit got wiped out. And that happened three times in the first two turns...

But anyways, here are a few pictures at least, if only to show of the excellent paintjob of my opponents models.

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