zaterdag 24 december 2011

Beaten, Battered, Broken... Gundam 3

So I finally did it, I scored my Platinum trophy in Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. A game on Playstation 3 based on the popular Gundam franchise, and running on the hack and slash Dynasty Warriors engine.

It took me over 150+ gaming hours since I bought this in june, and I must say I really, really enjoyed the game a LOT.
Not only did I finish it way back ago, I now have finished each and every mission in the game (including DLC), have all pilots upgraded at least to thier level 3 SP attack (around level 36), and each and every suit has it`s special equipment (which I only found out as such yesterday you get that as a reward as well with the Platinum Trophy), on level 4 with at minimum 6 upgrade slots.

Yes, I grinded this game a lot! And I liked it due to the feel it gave you that like in the series, your piloting that monstrous machine versus heaps of mobile suits. And usually come out on top.

So what suits did I play the most then? Most reviews (or almost all) state you have to use the Knight Gundam, but being a `purist` I played the suits I liked and only played pilots in their suits (or the one they come with in the game, like LunaMaria in the red Zaku of Char).

So the most used suit for me was the Unicorn with Banagher Links. You have this one as one of the choices from early on, and it is a gorgeous suit. I played it much `till I unlocked Kira, and returned to it in the end phase of the game (Retunr of the True Dynasty Warrior) due to his savage `musou` special attack as he pops in Destroy mode.

Second was, oh suprise suprise, Kira Yamato in the Strike Freedom. I just love the Freedom Gundam, so as soon as it unlocked, I started running around in it. Only for the last scenario I had to put it aside as his ranged special attack takes to `long` to finish in a scenario that basically has you running around fleeing enemy aces to weaken the oppossing force and then guerilla strike the enemy.

Finally, the third most used for me was Lockon Stratos in the Cherudim, a DLC that got released here in august when I already had finished 3/4ths of the game. He was used the most for the mop up grinds, to unlock friendship levels and the likes. An Irishman in a long range suit... that should have been me piloting that Celestial Being machine ;)

My main partner strike was Athrun Zala in the Justice, who like Duo Maxwell in the Deathscythe has a nice circular attack that `sucks` enemies in for a short while, giving you the chance to get out or lign up the perfect attack.

Operator wise? As soon as I could the lovely LunaMaria Hawke of course, her one-liners are also hilarious in the game. `You know, I`m not all that great. In marksmanship I mean...`

So what now?

Welllll, Gundam 2 arrived finally in the mail yesterday, but I`m not going to grind that one into dust just yet.

February sees the arrival of my other `anime fetish` with Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle whose one month it is out in asia now has resulted in it being actually the best selling PS3 title worldwide... whiping things like Modern Warfare or FIFA of the table. It seems a lot of people had the same idea as myself for that franchise, namely, get Get GET!!! And which I will be grinding to pieces like Gundam 3...

And what about your challenge?

Now the playing field is level in my challenge with Creepy Corridor Andy. We both now have a platinum award (though technically, his wife owns his one hehehe) so we can start the challenge in all earnest.
He is about a full level ahead of me (meaning in less then a month I closed an additional 1.5 levels) and I `out gold` him by 5, but he has 1 more silver at current and no less then 152 bronze trophies on me.
Which means I still have to close up slightly under 2000 points, not plausible to happen I think before the end of the year, so it`ll be in pursuit some more in 2012.

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  1. That must have been one crazy gaming marathon to get to level 7 in such a short time!

    Now that you've made it this far try to sleep from time to time ... and eat something ... maybe even get some fresh air outside! ;-)

    A lot of great games came from underneath the X-mas tree, so expect some extra game time here and some trophies!

    Game on!!

  2. Oddly enough, not really, as I actually managed to get a heap of models painted as well, including already a team prepared for a new Lead Painter`s League.

    On another note, we should stick our heads together someday to see if we can `boost` each other in the online parts of games we both own and don`t have a high population anymore due to age, thinking things like Avatar or Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and the likes.

  3. Agreed. Some of those online trophies can be quite tricky or very time consuming otherwise!