woensdag 7 december 2011

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 30: Seiya of Pegasus Broken Version

For the thirtiest review, it`s time for a little special thing. One of the recent year limited editions from Tamashii Nation (part of Bandai for that matter by the way) is a broken version of Pegasus.

Now, Seiya is an oddity in the fanpolls. On the one side, he is the main protagonist and his Meteor Punch has beenr ated `all time fan favorite` attack of all saints. On the other hand, Seiya himself has been voted the least popular of the five main bronzes. That`s what you get for claiming the spotlights TO much.

Now personally, I don`t like him either all that much...

This cloth however is rather cool. It shows Seiya as we see him the most on the screen, namely beaten up in a battered cloth.

The set comes with two `damage` levels. All parts have a look with cracks running all over the armour, and his clothing underneath has cuts in it. If you select `level a` damage, it is cracked on the other pieces as well. Damage level B, as I selected here, has more severe damage on the interchangeable parts, which are the forearms, central chest piece and shoulder pads of the armour.
There are splinters and chunks missing out of the cloth in this version, and it comes with a second face and hair, that looks as if he had all senses removed like in the fight with Saga for one.

It`s a cool little variation gimmick on the Pegasus cloth in my opinion, and not to shabby looking in ones collection, I`m rating this set with a 3 out of 5 stars in my book.

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