donderdag 29 december 2011

Into 2012

So the year is up, and as I sit here in my office counting away the last ticking hours of the year (and nothing to do as it is holiday period), I ponder upon the things to come in the new year.

Not much use to look back on the past year; I did that a few weeks ago already; so what will 2012 hopefully bring to the gaming table and this wee little blog?

First of all, let's have a look at the two 'main projects' I have lined up for 2012. Compared to the projects I tried to launch the past year, these might to see mightily modest and smaller scaled, but then as said, I have to spend less time on the hobby side of things.

The first thing I plan to do this year is the Project Gundanium. It isn't by all certain this will actually make the convention circuit, but gaming with 1/144 scale GunPla models has a certain appeal. The rules are currently being worked out in a second draft, and my mobile suits are being build.

Secondly is a 6 episode Zombie Nation serial, which will handle about the Marvel-verse taking on a horde of zombies animated by an ancient artifact and controlled by an uber-villain.

Beat up the catchers!

I registred for a Blood Bowl league kicking off in february, and the Vongalazthag Violators will take to the pitch... which I ordered the magma field from Impact Miniatures. One has to play his home games in style now, doesn't it...

Now I realise Chaos Dwarfs aren't the most succesful team in the world of Blood Bowl with being a mix between stalwart Dwarf blockers, but only half a team, and crappy Hobgoblin linemen. So I set a very special goal for myself, to place the record of beaten up or killed fancy-pancy catchers in the whole League. Even if I lose 4-0n the next game my opponents won't have any of those girly dirty dancers around. Shoudl pay off in the long run as well to not end up last in the League.

To the Old World

But there is more in store for my Chaos Dwarfs, as the whole restoration project continues to update their paint and base jobs. Even the Mordheim band is being formed, and I hope to be battleworthy by the end of the first quarter of 2012. More news to follow in time. Same goes for Uncharted Seas where the Shroud Mage fleet still awaits to set sail (steam?)for 16 months now.

The Lead Painter's Vow

To actually paint more then I buy... that is going to be a gigantic flop the comming year. In order to help with that, I will be running in a lot of painting competitions or equivalents the comming year.

The Lead Painter²s League, Brushslave, Artisan Competition, the Golden Hat competition... even G-Shot perhaps at the end of the year if I feel confident enough for that are all goals for the year, and I'll be entering with anime or superhero models where able in a further motivation to get things all painted up. Of course, never the recycling of models from one to the other, that wouldn't be productive.

Playstation 3

And finally... the non-gaming gaming, the world of PS3!

Things I'd like to achieve this year is to beat and bash two more games after I recently did with Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, namely the same for Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and the long awaited Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle.

After that; I'll refocus though on beating Andy ;)

But... what about those other things we read about here?

Well, if they weren't up there, that doesn't mean it wouldn't happen. I'll be playing 6mm Future War Commander for sure with my Gundam force, but probably 'just for the pictures'. Warhammer 40.000 will be in the pipeline; but the Tau just have to wait for paintworks until the Chaos Dwarfs are battleworthy.

But the rest... is doubtful. And are tales for later...

May all your dice fall as required in 2012 and ciao ciao

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  1. Chaos Dwarves feel right in Blood Bowl, for the history at least, for the CDs and BB both being sidelined by GW so heavily.

    That's a lot of plans in general and I wish you good luck with them, especially the idea of not painting more than you buy - for many of us that problem is almost a fundamental law of physics...

  2. I know I`m gonna fail it gloriously, but one can only hope ;)

  3. Yep, plan for the worst, work for the best. It's always an adventure at least..!