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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth review # 29: Thor of Pecda

The Gamma robe, this giant but kind hearted man is the first of the God Warriors the bronze saints face on the field of battle.
Armed with two giant axes for his Mjolnir attack, he knocks out Hyoga and Shun first, and nearly kills Seiya before that last one is saved by Shiryu. His loyalty for Hilda comes from the the early days, when he was attacked by guards and the princess saved hislife by ordering them to stop.
When Seiya finally defeats him, he puts his thrust in the bronze saints to return his beloved monarch back to the light, as he had noticed a darker mood having fallen over her.

The Gamma robe represents the Midgardsnake Jormungard.

As you all know by now, yes I like the Asgardian clothes and as such am a little biased when having a look at them.
However, it is justified in case of Thor, who is one of the rarer to get and as such more expensive clothes out there, going around 140 euros plus shipping on the average website.

The model has a very good facial sculpture, and the colouring of the cloth is dead gorgeous, a thing I noticed is amongst the forte of the asgard line. Surely, they do have bright and contrasting colours compared to for example the Gold saints or the near monotonous bronze saints, but the more colours, the more chances to screw things up. Which fortunatly isn`t the case with this series!

Mountain of a Man

Remember how I said it was nice that Geki of the Bear was a good head taller then the other bronzes? Well, Thor towers far above him! In the anime, he is supposed to be a true giant standing at 2m35 and the model represents this, as the mannequin comes in the box with the lower legs bend backwards. This means the model as such is that whole section longer then the other basic saints out there!

The usual parts come in die cast metal, so no surprises there, and assembles smoothly, so I`m going to rate Thor with a hefty 4 out of 5 stars, it is a spectacular model and for once one should say `size matters`!

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