woensdag 14 december 2011

The Hunt for Creepy Corridor Andy

So, I discovered my PS3 after more then a year as a viable gaming platform instead of a very good BluRay player. Truth to be told, I did way back in June, but until a few weeks ago I played like only a single game, Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3. Because heck, it has Gundam`s in it!

In February, the next `here I will spend hundreds of hours on` game is comming to the EU release, Saint Seiya: Sanctuary Battle, because hey, it has Saints in it!

But I have committed myself to a nice little side-goal of my Centennial Gamer plan (currently at 87%), namely to catch up with Andy from the Creepy Corridor, and his as current 350+ trophees on his track.

At first, I thought it the handiest to grind all games to as much as plausible trophees as possible, but seeing the problems with the older games to get the online achievements - something I must talk to Andy about soon, to set up private online sessions perhaps for both with the the missing, shared games - I decided in the end to first finish the storylines of all the `trophee supported` games I have lying around, then move on afterwards to the hunt and grind.

Now, for those not in the know, PS3 has 4 sorts of trophees in most retail games, and 3 in the smaller PSN ones.

Bronze usually is awarded for common goals like finishing levels, smack up x opponents of the common kind, etc

Silver is mostly awarded to execute things like non likely combo`s, find hidden missions or bosses etc

Gold is there for the hard work, like unlock all characters or complete all missions

Platinum usually is only a single award in most (retail) games, awarded for unlocking all other trophees in a given game.

With Gundam 3 for example, I`m only a single mission away from all trophees, which would unlock the final gold and as such platimun trophy, the `Altar of the Mass Produced...` mission. You have to use a commom suit and clear out the field, then defeat the Dark Gundam. One day I will succeed in that, probably when the AI has a glitch and doesn`t pile all other aces into one square at once... needless to say, it is a hard one, probably why the game is rated on average 8.5 / 10 to fully complete all trophees.

But even though Andy has one benefit, well, actually 3, as he employs wife and kids in the hunt, I think it might be do-able to at least near to within one or two levels with him, then get the ultimate goal: nag him about it ;)

So far I finished the following games in `story mode` for the PS3:

* Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3
* Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
* Red Johnson`s Chronicles
* X-Men Destiny

Currently working on:

* Spider-man Shattered Dimensions
* Final Fantasy XIII

And the ones I still need to play other then a quick look whats it about:

* Majin and the Forbidden Kingdom
* James Cameron`s Avatar
* Saint`s Row the Third
* Spider-man Edge of Time
* Alice: Madness Returns
* American McGee`s Alice (only has 6 hidden trophees though)
* Alien vs Predator (but not at night, or when tired, or when it is all silent...)
* Prince of Persia
* Mini Ninjas
* Sacred 2 Fallen Angel
* X-Men Origins - Wolverine
* Transformers - War for Cybertron
* Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen
* Bayonetta
* Wet
* FIFA 2011
* Mirror`s Edge
* Darksiders
* Agarest Zero - Generations of War

The other games I have don`t have any trophy support as far as I know and could find on the internet, so those are going to be nice in betweeners I will go on and finish (like the older Gundam games Dynasty Warriors Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam: Target in Sight)...

... what do you mean, I seem to like comic and anime inspired games :-D

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