maandag 12 december 2011

From Russia with Love

Well, ranting is over, so back to the core business of the Society, painting and posting wargame miniatures.

I have been thinking at first to overdo the whole `concept` of the how and when I blog, changing perhaps to a weekly schedule with all the things I did the past week like games, miniatures, statuettes etc etc and haul that in one big, column like post, but that would only make it highly unhandy to search something.

From Russia comes Natasha Romanoff, super spy, adventurer and feisty redhead. She has been artificially enhanced by the Red Room`s variant of Captain America`s super-soldier serum, making her a perfect killing and intelligence machine.
Ad hoc member of various teams, she often sides with the Avengers, and that is a good thing as we could witness in Iron Man 2 hehehehe

Some further trivia from the Marvel Database:

She had romantic relationships with Hawkeye and Daredevil.

Natasha does not particularly have a social life; she dedicates most of her time to her espionage work.

She has great deal of respect for Captain America as he understands her and she has worked with him on multiple occasions in both superheroics and espionage. Natasha is often his first choice as a second-in-command officer in the Avengers enabling her to utilize all of talents.

While she has a lot of respect for her colleages in the Avengers, Captain America , Falcon, Hawkeye, Bucky Barnes, Black Panther and Mockingbird are among the few she considers actual peers.

In the film Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, a group of female jewel thieves rob a jewel in slick, leather jumpsuits. According to the DVD audio commentary, director Kevin Smith claimed the costume designer had based these suits on that of Marvel's Black Widow.

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