dinsdag 6 december 2011

With villains like these... part 2

I don`t know how I managed it, but in the last long weekend (I had yesterday of from work), I managed to paint 13 Heroclix models, score 19 trophies on my Playstation 3, finished two games on said console with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 and Red Johnson`s Chronicles, watched 12 episodes of season 2 of Stargate: Destiny (yes, this show is cancelled waaaaay before it`s time)... and went cityshopping to the United Kingdom`s Canterbury.

Needless to say, my boss better won`t be nagging to much today, and I`m on the plane to the UK tonight to top it off, so sleeping is on the agenda for tomorrow evening hehehe.

But at least I managed to paint up more villains for the intended Zombie Fest serial I`m planning to run in 2012 at TSA, using the SuperSystem rules. Will be a few months still, as being the genious that I am *cough* I made a large order for a friend at Maelstrom`s fro Ralgard Uncharted Seas ships with their recent X-mas voucher, yet forgot the one thing I actually was going to make the order for: Mantic games zombies for making up the horde...

The series will feature an alternate scheduling of games involving heroes and villains, each time building up as more `iconic` or `A listers` get introduced into the fold, can`t give to much details though as, well, it's no further at the moment then a stack of scribblings hoovering around in my mind, and a paint schedule of about 60, as such still non ordered, zombies x-D

Anywyas, here are the first two repainted Heroclix models (the ones I actually already based, the others will appear when I get around to it during the comming weekend probably), of the `not so good intentions` kind, aka villains

Kang the Conqueror

Time traveller, alternate dimensions master out to control all dimensions, Nathaniel Richards has forged himself an armour inspired by Doctor Doom, whom he met on Earth - 689.

His powers are derived from his armour, though he himself possesses superior intellect and has stopped aging chronologically around the age of 40, even though he is over 70 years old at the moment.


Quentin Beck, former stunt man and special effects wizard, uses power of chemicals, holographs and hypnotism to fight his opponents. He`s recently running around back from the dead after commiting suicide to prevent Daredevil from killing him, and not granting the satisfaction to defender of Hell`s Kitchen.

And now off to the shower for a hot soak before I`m going to start a verrrrry long working day...

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