dinsdag 20 december 2011

Heroes for Hire

Yes, I know I`ve been quiet for my doing the last week, but this is due to the `Playstation 3 Challenge` I started with Creepy Corridor Andy, you can read the details here but that doesn`t stop me from painting... which is kind of the trade off against the time he loses with Family Life.

Past weekend I painted up yet another heap of Heroclix models (I really should start painting my Chaos Dwarf army though... that`ll be one of the to do`s for 2012), this time a threesome from the `mercenary hero business` of the Marvelverse.

The guy in white is Moon Knight, Marc Spector, a `slightly` unhinged fella who`s powers wane and wax with the moon. Currently though, he is without any special powers, relying on his streetwise, martial arts and experience to get things done.

The blue fella with the red cloak is Kyle Richmond aka Nighthawk. Son of a rich businessman, he uses his financial powers Tony Stark style to support his team and trade. His powers come from an alchemical potion, which doubles these at night.

Finally, the gunslinger is Paladin, current mainstay together with Mysti Knight of the newest incarnation of Heroes for Hire. I kinda like this character myself, he even (shortly) managed to best Captain America in the Civil War. He has enhanced human abilities, and even though he is `in it for the money`, making his allegiances doubtful at times, he is down to the core an okay guy.

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