woensdag 13 maart 2013

CSI Fatal Conspiracy - 7th Platinum

I just gained my 7th platinum tonight, another of Telltale Games 'storyline games'.  Older then The Walking Dead, it shows.  It's crap.

The game is based on the popular CSI series, the original Las Vegas setting crime lab, and features all the voices of the cast.  Pzersonally, I'm still the biggest fan of their funnier Secret of Monkey Island and farflung puzzles, but that's probably because I grew up with the original Monkey Islands ( the 486 / Pentium 1 eras... I'm THAT old yes) and other Leisure Suit Larry like thingies.

Where the Walking Dead was great fun, this game is more of irritating puzzling in the crime lab itself.  The only two episodes I enjoyed where the third one (a who dunnit) and the fourth one (a love triangle gone sour).

Graphic wise, the game isn't to spectacular, and it often glitches in the sound department where voices 'hackle' or repeat themselves.

In the end, a rather easy platinum once again, but it took only two evenings of time to get the game grinded down.  The hardest trophy is the one for 100% Skill, as one misclick on a fingerprint search or a slip in DNA matching ruins it for the episode.

Now I'm going to be finishing storylines of games first and foremost, then afterwards see where the boat is stranding to grind down some more games to Full Completion.

Cheerios and till next time!

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