donderdag 28 maart 2013

The Imperial Armada

Some more old school Lego I managed to salvage from my boxes, I really liked this line up and about 2 decennia ago.

I know I also have the clipper of the range somewhere, waiting to be restored to her former glory to set sail on the floor, as I had it to fight off the larger pirate ship my mate had back then.

So bein at the disadvantage in size, it would only be fair to have a tower to sail to and protect it with a gunsloop now wouldn`t it ;-)

The tower itself always was one of my favorite sets back then, and I really liked the small floorplates it came with (like most of the pirate sets back then) which featured a small printed island on the board.

Roighty, back to the sorting and building, more of these restored classics will roll by in the future, but I really - really - really should start sorting out pieces for the Gundams I want to build, as I have to know which parts to `Pick-a-Brick`.

Maybe in my holidays in two weeks...

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