vrijdag 29 maart 2013

The Playstation Challenge part 3 of 12

Welcome to the third instalment of this battle between egos and PS3 owner feuds.  I'm making this line-up this month two days earlier, as with the Eastern weekend at the door, and including a Legacy GPT for Strasbourg, I wouldn't get around to it before probably later half next week...

And on the topic of easter, my eggs are still rocking with the uppercut Andy dealt me this month, as my hard won points reduction has nearly almost gone completely down the drain this month.  A combination of both him and his minion being home somewhere halfway the month smacked a dent in my offensive, and we're almost back to Square One in the points tally.  Have a look for yourself over this months result:


Points: 32.640 + 3525 points gained
Level: 14 - 8% + 45%, raised one level

Platinum Trophies: 7 +1
Gold Trophies: 64 +10
Silver Trophies: 278 +38
Bronze Trophies: 1152 +97

Games played: 220 + 17
Games Beaten: 25 +0


Points: 40.485 +5695
Level: 15 - 6% + 59%, raised one level

Platinum Trophies: 8 +3
Gold Trophies: 103 +16
Silver Trophies: 305 + 27
Bronze Trophies: 1339 +129

Games played: 163 +12
Games Beaten: 19 +3

This means Andy starts the year with a lead of 8670 points, currently the gap is 7845 (WIN TOMSCHE)

Compared to last month, the gap has been currently expanded by 1170 points in advantage to AnRoDr, meaning at current the challenge is still being won by yours truly, but only barely as he pushed me back almost to a draw, only a few trophies at the end of the month saved my ass.  The monthly score now comes to 2-1 for me, but it was a staggering blow this month.

Andy scored no less then 3 platinums this month compared to my one, as the only thing I actually outscored him was the Silver trophies.

That and the amount of games played, because I took full advantage this month of both the 'Exploration' and 'Eastern' sales on the PSN to grab me some nice games dirt cheap.

I expect for the comming months to get hit around some more actually, as with the announcement of the PS4 I have been focussing mostly on finishing my J-RPG and other storylines at least, and then see what we can grind down the road in additional trophies.

That and I really should be making an effort of like rounding up some games I have standing at over 70% for the golds and platinums, but I keep getting distracted by the 'ooh shiny, no manese' syndrom...

More numbers: worldwide I'm currently ranked 118112th, which amends to 1599th in Belgium, while Andy broke the 100k barrier worldwide, being on spot 83957 and with place 1176 on the verge of going top 1000 in Belgium.  This all on an amount of 1265572 tracked profiles.

Until next month, and may the DualShock not fail thee!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Team AnRoDr is going for it! :-)
    Now with my wife switching to game mode to you'll be having a hard time keeping that lead of yours!!!!

  2. I`m keeping my hopes up on the possibility of retro-active trophy addition to old games... that would pop a lot of old Final Fantasies, Gundams and Saint Seiyas.

    And the fact that I`m going back to school in all probability in september, meaning I`ll have 3.5 months of sitting home and sorting shit out comming up...