zondag 3 maart 2013

The Society adopts The Creepy Corridor

Exciting news for all of you that used to love Andy's writings over at his now ended Blog 'The Creepy Corridor'!
My Playstation Challenge opponent has exchanged the hobby blog for working on a blog about Krav Maga and the club he is a member off... but has gotten drawn back in thanks to this exciting job offer:

... but that doesn't mean he is out of his geekiness at all, as the PS3 Challenge proves.  I also know he still dabbles occassionally in boardgames and the likes, and so I offered him a hand for our mutual benefit.  Join the Society, and this very blog will be hosting his exploits when and if he decides to write some things up, without having to take care and host a blog of his own!

So from now on, if he puts something down to the virtual paper, he just has to toss me a letter and I'll be uploading it to here.  Spread the word, the Corridors of the Society will be getting a whole lot Creepier!

But there is more!  If you want to drop an occassional line onto the intrawebs about all things geeky that we tackle overhere at the Society, drop me a reply down here or e-mail me, and we'll sort it all out.  No deadlines, no pressure, no writing essays... and no hassle maintaining a blog of your own. 

And what is in it for the Society?  Well, more evil minions of course in the road to intergalactic dominance!!!!

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  1. Who would have thought that little old Creepy Corridor me would be a guest author on the blog of the Evil Interwebz Overlord aka Tomsche ....

    I've put my thinking cap on and you can expect an article soon!

    Insert creepy laughter: