donderdag 14 maart 2013

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: Mime of Benetnasch

A fresh myth cloth arrived at my doorstep today, travelling all the way down from the icy wastes of Asgard, as the God Warrior Mime of Benetnasch, the Eta star guardian, joined my collection of models.

Mime fought Andromeda Shun during the story arc, but he couldn`t use his chains as they didn`t perceive Mime as an enemy.  It was only when Phoenix Ikki came to his aid that he revealed to Mime his true nature and unleashed his hatred. 

Ikki however defeated the God Warrior, who wished for his dying breath for the bronze saints to free the world of strife and war.

His armour represents the Harp, symbol od Odin`s son Bragi, God of Poerty and Wisdom.  His fighting attacks are all based around the use of a harp he carries with the cloth, as his Requiem for Strings technique causes his opponents to die of pain when the final note is played.  In addtion he has one `harp-less` attack, the Lightspeed Fist, which equals a Gold Saints power level.

Now the cloth itself might not be the most difficult one to build out there, but like all God Warriors in my opinion is definitly one of the better ones around.

It comes in the same gorgeous red later used on Steel Saint Sho and has an excellent face representation, I opted for the version with the closed eyes as he looks like playing his harp in misery.  The shoulder pads are `clicked on` to the balls for the shoulder, granting the model a good flexibility to be able to hold the harp in a variety of ways, even posing him sitting against a wall like when he was first encountered.

I would say he is definitly worth getting, like all the God Warriors, and he might be a little hard to find for the range (not as crazy as Bud though), but you won`t regret your purchase...  

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