zondag 31 maart 2013

Please, keep me out of a toy store!!!!

I mean, really, if you see what great sets there are in the pipeline for LEGO, I cannot guarantee at all that I can restrain myself...

First of all, there are new sets comming for the Lord of the Rings franchise (mind you, nothing is known yet for any second The Hobbit tie-in sets), the one that I really fancy is the Corsairs ship with Army of the Dead mini-figs.  Together with the arrival of the Rohirrim (BOTH times, those guys so rock), perhaps the most awesome scenes of the movies (okay, and Brunen Ford, and the March of the Ents + music)...

Together with that, there is also a smaller set comming that I have my eye on, the wizards dual between Gandalf and Saruman at Ortanc

And to complete the LotR releases I fancy, there is also a game comming out, Battle of Helm`s Deep.  I must admit, bar being Lego, those games are actually quite fun as well, more of some recent additions to my collection in a future post, but it involves famous boardgame designers and Lego bricks.

Talking games, this one is something I`m `more or less` intrested in, IF I find it in a discount for the holidays I`ll take it along, if not, probably not...

Another franchise, perhaps less well known overhere in Belgium, is the new Disney movie The Lone Ranger.  Now where I`ll be looking to just get the 4 Turtles as the sets don`t intrest me seperatly, the Lone Ranger has some very, very pretty sets.

Heck, I basically liked them all, but these two are the ones I fancy most... IF they get released over here...

The first one features Union troops, and I imagine that set being a `winner` amongst people wanting to build a Lego MOC display detailing the American Civil War, especcially with this year being 150 years of Gettysburg.
The second is just a greatly done stagecoach, and the minifig of Helena Bonham-Carters (yes, after Bellatrix Vendetta from Harry Potter, she gets a new minifig made after her) is just fantastic.

Talking about the topic of minifigs, in the upcomming series 10 there are some awesome models once more, but this fella especcially will be made sure to join my collection

Well, time to order some chains to tie me to my chair, otherwise I will be planning razia`s on local toystores all the time ;-)


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