zondag 1 september 2013

Sunday Ramblings: The Geek Life episode 12

The last episode of the summer holidays, and quite frankly said, it has been a very calm week in the Von Geekington residence.

Most of the evenings I've been doing other stuff then normal, like yesterday when me, the GF and the munchkin have been scrummaging through his defunct Playmobil and try to restore as much as possible.  

He has decided he has become to old for it, and rather he'd like to sell it off in order to get more Lego (a move I fully support).  Now it is only the GF we both need convincing to ACTUALLY part with it...

What Have I Been Watching?

Preaching to the Perverted.  I cofunded the Kickstarter project to have this Cult classic by Stuart Urban from 1997, of the fetish clubscene, digitally remastered and put to BluRay, and a few weeks ago my BR copy fell in the mailbox, thanks Mr Urban.

It is quite a funny flic (I still giggle with the image of the Fireworks Guy) in which a very catholic youngman slowly becomes entwined in the world of a dominatrix (a very hot looking Guinevere Turner).

Don't go looking to this if your looking for a porn flic, this is a 'straight' movie with some soft erotic touches, but nothing to over the top and the kind of movie you'd see on main channels after 22.00 hours.

Though I am quite jealous of how the lead has gotten his nipples pierced, that was a way cooler way then how mine where done...

What Have I Been Bricking?

On this front I have been a bit more active though, especcially after the 'boost' I got when during the clean-up of the man cave I found some old catalogues back,

as well as a 'plan book' from ages ago.  Pity they don't produce these sorts of books anymore though.

For the rest, I've build my Flying Mummy Attack set, so now it is really down to the last box to complete the whole Pharaoh's Quest line in my cabinets.

Bar that, I also had this cool Lone Ranger promo set, a push cart that came with some UK newspaper a few weeks ago, and I could score for a modest price the same day on evil Bay.

To end it all, and because I started with girlpower this week, I added these two ladies to the minifigs collection...

And that is about it actually what happened this week.  I did platinum Skylander Giants, but bar that I haven't been playing a lot, nor been shopping on the net, nor had the time (and motivation) to go out to the big city and tap some cards.

Mentally preparing for school I think ;-)

See y'all next week!

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