dinsdag 14 januari 2020

AHPC10: Mudry's Mesa: Iron Golem's Armator

In this special challenge, one must paint up a new shiney, and this one is very, very fresh.

Bought a measly two weeks before the challenge began, and as well two weeks as such after it was announced, comes this fancy model from Games Workshop.

Hailing from their Warcry game, one I actually don`t play, I just had to get my hands on one particular model, the armator from the Iron Golems starter band.  Because this is a Dawi'Zharr sculpt!

Or Chaos Dwarf for those big hat lovers of my days, still my greatest love of any game system (and yes, in that manner that I actually have a Hashut tattoo on my arm) so when GW finally released something even vaguely connected to them, I just needed to have him and paint him up.

So now he will join my massive Legion of Hashut as a unit champion, so nothing to glorious at all is ahead for him, it is never the less a very characterfull model to have in the collection.

And netting my a nice 5 points for being a single 28mm figure, plus the location bonus...

The island core comes in sight now!

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