zaterdag 18 januari 2020

The Haul Report 213: using my GW Christmas vouchers

Another week, and another heap of goodies that came my way.

And the first one came all the way from Australia, as I found the limited run of The Chamberlain there at Go Figure Collectibles.

This adds one of the two "chase" figures now to the collection, only Mira left to go (I won`t be buying the alternate colours ones and such) for the Age of Resistance series.

I also received my thank you gift for participating in the Great Wargame Survey this year, as the Little Shed of Dreams fell in my mailbox, produced by Sarissa Precision.

The next thing to arrive are the now "legendary for all the wrong reasons" Isengard dice, completing my collection, at least until the next set arrives... hopefully in greater numbers to not become sold out under 3 minutes again.

I also used my Games Workshop vouchers I got for christmas, trading it in for the december White Dwarf (I missed out on november, so that will be a search soon to get it never the less) and the Shadespire novel.

As well as two days later for the NEW White Dwarf, a female Tidecaster (for the AHPC) and the WarCry cards for the Idoneth

Varied for sure this week, and I got some things on the way as well...

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