woensdag 13 januari 2021

MESBG Hobby Bingo 2021

 It's here again, the MESBG Hobby Bingo!


While I gave a generic one a shot last year, and failed miserably to keep a tally, it's time to get back to one I do pay attention to: the Lord of the Rings edition.
And it looks like I can score about half of them this year...
Going left to right, top to bottom, here is what I might score actually this year:
Paint a Monster or Siege Engine: unlikely, as none of the forces I have as mains actually field either of them
Star a New Army: yup, those Easterlings are finally going to get some love this year, as are Ruffians for that matter.
Paint a model and incorporate a technique you haven`t mastered: unlikely, as I am not the adventurous type when it comes to painting my models.
Build and Paint a new model for one of your armies: already scored with Arwen last week, as the Bingo runs back to the 1st of january.

Paint a new version of a model you already own: the Fellowship, Eowyn, Eomer... choice enough here
Make a display board for one of your armies: nope, no place to store it afterwards
Paint an Orc, an Uruk-hai and a Goblin: easy peasy
Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy: regularly
Recreate your favourite scene from the movies with a Narrative Scenario: IF the club re-opens in this pandemic year, those Rohirrim will be charging over the fields!
Convert a model: very, very maybe, see the new technique though...
Paint a model for an army you don`t currently play: Easterlings, or one of the various models that are lying around intended for DnD or solo gaming, this shouldn`t be hard
Build and paint a scenery kit: that Rohan house deserves some loving in 2021
All of the finished models in your army are based: yeah, auto score
Play a game using an army you have never used before: those Hobbits are going to war this year!
Watch the Hobbit trilogy: another easy mark up
Read the Hobbit or any book from the Lord of the Rings trilogy: this will probably more become another Tolkien or Tolkien related work though, like The Children of Hurin
Enter a model you've painted this year into a painting competition: Hobbit hunters, Arwen, some upcoming ones... with the AHPC11 in full swing at the moment, another already scored.
Start a Battle Company: sure, yet another one, that'll be easy
Finish a model that has been in your to-do pile for over a year: Gondor knights, initially planned for the AHPC... 9!!!! will be hopefully finished this edition...
Play a game against an opponent you have never played before: will depend on the pandemic again I`m afraid
Finish a Good army of at least 600 points: I`m going to tack my Rohirrim to this goal.
Create cool scenic bases for one of your armies: unlikely
Paint a Man, a Dwarf, an Elf and a Hobbit: yeah, once I get round to my next Fellowship, this will be an easy score

Buy a model and paint it within 48 hours of receiving it: depends on Baby Thorin I guess

Finish an Evil army of at least 600 points: let's see if we can get the Easterlings that far, no promises though...

So, with some already being able to be scored, that means my card actually starts out like this now:

 When I get to mark off some more squares, I`ll be doing updates on an irregular basis as a result, so keep your eyes peeled!

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