donderdag 9 december 2010

Converting the little people

No, this isn`t a post about bringing leprechauns over to some obscure faith, but about filling some gaps miniature wise in Future Wars Commander.

As earlier posts have already told, our game group is running a major campaign in 6mm, and some of the armies I have lack entries left or right in the miniature ranges, and so it came down to my poor converting skills to knock something together for use in my battles.

The first up where the artillery and aircraft support for my Micro World Games lizard rider army. Reptiloid species riding dinosaurs, even though the army list is having a hard time winning games due to lack of survivability and very expensive infantry causing them to have low breakpoints, an image to great to resist.

So first up, the artillery and FAO officer. The officer was pretty simple, a normal infantry man and some scanner looking periscope device. The device was a lever from I don`t know which kind of 15mm cannon from Flames of War anymore. The artillery was a 10mm Pachysaurus I got from Magister Militum.
His back got a little bt filed down and the turret with panzerfaust missile from a german Pak36 (again, 15mm german leftovers from Flames of War) put on top of that.

Next up, an aircraft with FAC officer. Again, the officer was a simple base `work out` to show him easily on the battlefield. In this case, it was an infantry man mounted on top of a column. The column is the top of a Doctor Who Mirco-universe spinner, so now the bloke can overlook the battlefield and direct the airstrikes.
The plane itself was again a 10mm Magister dinosaur, this time the Quatzalcoatl (the dinosaur of that name, not the mythical mayan bird). He was then equipped with wingbombs, which I got from FoW Stuka divebombers, and a cockpit which was once a backpack of some himalayan gear looking chinese fella.

And the guys together with some regular `saurs to show the scale and size.

The second project to fill out was a Cronus walker to use in the EuroFed list from Brigade. For this, I used a Serpent Gundam of Marimeia`s army in Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz from the Bandai 1/300 gundam models series. These models come in at around 6 - 7cms, so he is towering enough to warrant a 700 points monstrosity.
I removed his Vernier backpack rocketboosters, as well as his typical anime `big cannon of doom` weapon. The latter was replaced by a 28mm machine gun of I have no idea where that ever came from, and to simulate the traditional `beam sabers` often used in the various Gundam series, I added a 40mm scimitar from a Mega Miniatures genie range, and painted that a bright pink. Ideal for the 12dice assault version of a Cronus walker.
Couldn`t resist though in order to show his `heritage` to christen the walker `Marimeia` ;)

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  1. Only thing missing is a 1/300 Dr. Jones as a commander ...