zaterdag 25 december 2010

Project Lame-Ass: batch 2

Aaaaaaah, Christmas eve... hours and hours of quiet, silent painting time while the family is off to visit relatives and disgorge in Bachus-esque festivities, while The Clone Wars season 2 plays on my PS3.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Now, on painting level, this week has been fun and productive.

I finished off all the required armour of my EuroFed force, with the last 3 Tassigny IFV`s and 3 Mont Sabert MBT`s. The left overs of the second hand deal will probably find their way to some BnB one of the weeks.
In addition to those, more 6mm was completed in the form of 2 more stands of Lizard Rider infantry and 4 stands of Eldar Fire Dragons.

A littlebit special this week is a Zaku gundam from the 1/400th scale Neo series, a special set to comerate the 30th aniiversayr of the Gundam franchise. These little scale models are still large enough to be used in 6mm games as `smaller` rank and file battlesuits.

The final pieces of this week are a 15mm Barbarian tent from Baueda, still more then suitable to litter on smaller scale battlefields as large `yurts`, and then the three models that I showed earlier this week, namely the ECW try out model and two of the Crisis LE models.

For the comming set to be completed, with work going to be low this week, I aim to finally complete my 1000 pts Irish warmaster army, and add Nocturne to my Excalibur roster.

Till next time and enjoy the holidays!

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