maandag 27 december 2010

General Leopoldo Due

Another infamous adventurer joins the SAC, as I continue to work through the limited edition Crisis entry models.


General Leopolde Due is the military commander of the armed forces frequently supporting the society in it`s adventures, but also the lover of a good glass of vino.
A capable and distinguished warrior, he fought in the first weird world war as commander of an Alpini regiment on the French / Italian / Swiss border regions, and personally led the raid on the secret lab of `Duke Droolalot of Zombiestan` in the high alps.
Now detached full time to the society, he makes sure the brave fucilieri and askari have enough weapons and ammo to carry the glory of Italy forward and to return the heirlooms of the past to the museum.

The model is a limited edition Crisis entry model, the second one we ever had, and represents belgium`s (in)famous Leopold II. It was sculpted by the very talented hands of the Perry`s and is for me still the most gorgeous one we ever handed out.

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