maandag 27 december 2010

Project Lame-Ass 3: mostly chariots

Yes, I confess, I`m the new Ebenezer Scrooge. But I swear, if the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present and Future appear, they`re going to regret it.

They will be known then on as the Ghosts of Priming, Basing and Varnishing!

So the X-mas weekend is past, and the calm serenity has been abused on painting models. Let others go out and sing chrismas carols (hmm, a choir sweat shop production line... bad thoughts Tomsche, bad thoughts there matey) I`m doing what i swore to do: paint, paint and then paint some more.

The yield of this set was the last 6 chariots of my Irish army (see earlier), the limited edition Crisis model of Leopold 2, a Behemoth mech for the Diamond Shark clan, 2 EuroFed infantry stands, Nocturne and yet another house... a drop on hot plate for the amount `to do` but we`re going steady and strong at the moment.

Next up: a bunch of Eldritch Caste troops, probably some Lizard Riders and then some things I might fancy, like another Gundam from Endless Waltz for example.

Till soonish (I hope)

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