zondag 19 december 2010

Project Lame-Ass: the first batch

So the last mail orders went out, with an army deal of Parliament 28mm ECW to Warlord, Khazari Raiders from the Exodus Wars range, fill outs for my PacFed and EuroFed forces from Brigade and a whole lot of WW2 material at Magister Militum... and as 2010 draws to a close, that will be it in buying models for a long time (unless, some second hand deals etc pop up, but that`s beside the goal).

2011... the year the majority gets painted. Or so we hope. In our imagined fantasy way..

Nevertheless, between hard working days and a major hangover that reminded me of my college days, I did finish of a first `plate` of models, albeit with them being desert scheme tanks mostly, it ain`t that much of a jiffy.

Some M13/40s and Lancia RO trucks where completed for the Italians in ww2 desert campaigns, as well as 3 Tassigny command, 3 Tassigny IFV and 2 Montsabert MBT`s for the Eurofed`s.

Then the next one was the first of 6 stands of MicroWorld lizard riders for use in Future War Commander, as one needs infantry in the game (apart from the obliged choice) to occupy objectives and such, though at 85 points a stand these are seriously expensive buggers. More alien lovin` was also painted up in the first of the Saim Hann Eldritch caste SPG`s, a really old and classic model which I like due to the big ass cannon mounted upon it.

Bolstering the Diamond Sharks, a Shadowhawk mech also got completed, painted in the livery of the Beta Galaxy. A nice mobile medium mech with as a primary goal to bump up the numbers.

Finally, two more buildings got painted up, in the everlasting effort of collecting enough scenery that can double in both scifi games as in the (early stages) planned follow up of the FWC campaign in 2012, returning to the world war 2 era and using the `sister rules` of Blitzkrieg Commander...

Not a bad start for the project, the next series will include some limited edition Crisis entry models, and the round up of the tank units for my EuroFed`s with the last needed Tassigny and Montsabert tanks. Apart from that... it`ll be what I feel like that will get painted hehehe...
Unless I can`t get myself torn away from World of Tanks. Love the game for all it`s no brainer easiness.

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  1. Boy I wish I could get rid of my lead mountain by painting it all this year. But, I resolve to try and not buy anymore either.

  2. Truth to be told, I`ll be glad if I actually manage a 1/10th reduction, but we all need goals and dreams ;)