donderdag 23 december 2010

New adventurers join the Società di archeologia e cimeli

Two new additions to the Società di archeologia e cimeli teams, as I painted up some limited edition models to integrate into games of WHD! in the future

Silvio `Il Foppio`

Silvio is one of the more extravagant members in a team made up of extravagant people... and that is saying something. Middle aged and flashing, he is one of those people that seem stuck in a wrong time frame state of mind. Dashing over the battlefields as a gallant renaisance lord, wielding a rustic pistol and a dirk while his satin jacket breezes in the wind.
He is brave, perhaps to brave, as he rushes towards the opponent, a trait which has caused him some serious injuries, though miraculously he did survive them all to be said, it also allows the rest of the team to get a good idea where the enemy is shooting from...

The model is the Crisis 2010 free give away model `De Bokkenrijder` (the buck rider), sculpted by Paul Hicks.


Paleskinned Mara is a simple till clerc from the SAC and not heroic in any way. One day she was working late in an exhibition in the Cairo museum, when she heard rumblings down the main hallway.
She hid in one of the side rooms, but when the noises kept getting louder and louder she had a bout of heroics and donned medieval armour and an old sword that where on exhibition there and rushed out in the corridor, not wanting to die as a cowardly scream queen.
She gave the night cleaning crew the scare of their lives right there and then!

The model is the 2009 Crisis free entry model, De Dulle Griet from the painting in 1562 by Pieter Breughel the Old. Still to be seen in Museum Mayer van den Bergh in Antwerp, and sculpted by Paul Hicks

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  1. Love Paul Hicks's work,my favorite sculptor! Figures look great!

    Merry Christmas,

  2. Happy holiday season to you to Doc, and may the brush be with you!