zondag 26 december 2010

Here come the Irish!!!

Finally it is done! One year and a month to paint up 1000 points of Warmaster Ancients Celtic Irish, and then I claim that small scales paint faster hehehe...

Well, to be honest, most went swiftly, except the last two units of chariots, that stood assembled on my paint table since the beginning of august... scandalous I know :D especcially since the first completed units already appeared in the League Painter League on LAF beginning of the year... so go figure how `speedy` I handled the project.

I don`t know if the force itself is going to be balanced, but I prefer the `rumble rabble` armies over small elite forces like the Romans and the likes.

In the end, and in all it`s glory, here are the sons of Finn McCool

Now to give Albert on our club that battle I promised him for almost 5 years, though at least my army got painted in the meantime :-DDDD

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Another finished project, and the new year hasn't even started yet! If you keep this pace up you'll be shopping again come june to start a new unpainted lead pile :-)

  2. One down, to many to go...

    I think I`m gonna start tackling my 6mm forces now on a one by one scale to finish