zondag 12 december 2010

Project Lame-Ass: the Assault on Lead Mountain

... or better known as a one man struggle to reduce the mountain of unpainted lead during the year 2011!

It is time to ge to action, and as such I`ll be chronolicing my efforts to reduce the 1000s of miniatures scattered around `Casa Tomsche` and convert them into finished projects of painted armies.

The intention (however unlikely) is to not or rarely buy any models during 2011, except for BnB bargains, Salute and Crisis. No more tempted impulse buys, the masses need to be finished first! At current I`m around 5000 unpainted models and scenery of all sorts of scales, eras and settings, and the goal is to reduce it in 2011 to under 1500! Ambitious? Very much YES! Obtainable? He, if your reading this, your probably a wargamer yourself and you know the answer to that question ;)

BUT no harm in trying, the last mail orders for a year (my God, if I repeat this long enough, I might believe it myself) will go out this week (an Exodus Wars 6mm scifi Khazari army, a 28mm Parlementarian ECW army and 6mm GHQ odds and ends to fill out my WW2 armies)and then it all will start in earnest.

To motivate myself, I`m going to keep this series updated irregularly. Every time I painted up a batch for varnishing, I`m gonna put a post with my usual idiotic ramblings and insights, as well as projected plans and the likes here, off course with the obliged pictures. Can`t stop hurting people`s eyes now can we!

So where to go and what to do? Well, included, but not by a long short the complete list, are amongst others finishing off 6mm scifi armies for Lizard Riders, Tau, Eldar, EuroFed, PacFed, Battletech Diamond Sharks and Khazari. World War 2 wise in the small scale includes african theatre Italians, late war british, eastfront hungarians and early war frenchies. Musket era and the likes are a 28mm ECW army and 6mm Union and Confederate ACW armies.
Then there are off course the still not finished 10mm Warmaster Historical Irish, 28mm Hibernians for Shieldwall, 28mm Celtic Irish for Age of Arthur...
And we still have a heap of WFB wood elves and 40k tau to tackle. Probably somewhere in between 28mm Pulp, 28mm WW2 (which can double in Pulp), Anime Tactics and Gundams...

In other words, to quote Sam Beckett: `Oh Boy!`

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  1. The most ambitious project of yours to date! Posting here regulary, say once a month, will keep you motivated.

    But I fear for two things:
    1) The number of postal workers that will lose their job without your massive orders ...
    2) How many small manufacterers will go out of bussines now that their sales will drop by about 50%

    Reducing the lead pile is a noble cause, but consider the costs in human lives!