donderdag 5 juli 2012

15mm K`daai and Destroyer

One of the project I`m still wanting to complete this year is a 24 points force for use in Hordes of the Things, in scale 15mm.  The iniatial wood elf plan was exchanged for a force of my one true love, the Chaos Dwarfs, and since then I`ve been scouring and ordering from various manufacturers for suitable models in (evil) dwarven ranges.

Not a simple task, and the force will also host a substantial part of greenskin slaves to bulk out and because those models are far more frequent to find then suitable dwai zharr, but the first models I painted up and based today are the K`daai and their Destroyer equivalent, which will be used as a Behemoth and a set of monsters (the large troll etc entry in the HOTT book).

The K`daai, of which I based two on a single base, are fire genies from the Magister Militum range, while the Destroyer is a fire elemental from, both aquired at past Salute.

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