dinsdag 31 juli 2012

More House of Cards: looking for...

Cards I`m LOOKING for for my own collection include the following ENGLISH games:

1. Knights of the Zodiac (all bar one of the Promotional Cards and 6 cards remaining from the Mythological Forces set)

2. Gundam MS War (bar the OZ corps starter box)

3. Gundam War 

4. SD Gundam War

Just drop me a line if you have some of those (for the Zodiac cards, check out my TCO link at the bottom of this blog, it look`s like a playing card) and even which cards you look for (I have for example 8000+ Magic cards and 4000+ WoW cards to trade away), or how much you want for them and we can certainly work something out...

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Was MS War the Gundam Wing one that only had one expansion released? If so, I've got a bunch in storage that I'll have access to again in a month or so...

  2. Yes Indeed, you had the OZ and Wing starters and boosters, and thats about it. No matter which one though you should have, I'll gladly buy / trade / trade for miniatures for them with you!

  3. Don't forget the single expansion for Ensdless Waltz! It's a pity that the game isn't really playable (as there weren't enough cards produced for the deck archetypes that some cards hinted at to be viable...)

    I'll have a dig when I get access to them again. I don't suppose you've got PL-50 (Relena), I think that's the only card I need to complete the set...

  4. TBH, of the MS series I only have the OZ starter deck, I`m in the middle of scrunging cards together from all over the world, mainly trading on and off for Magic and Pokemon cards.

    It ain`t easy to find them at all, but if I can land a Relena I`ll get her for you.