vrijdag 27 juli 2012

Hobgoblin Backstabber conversion

Sneaky Gits must be about my most favorite unit of the Chaos Dwarf army alongside the Earthshaker and the Blunderbuss warriors, especcially in the 'old days' with their limitless lapping round and poisonous attacks special rules.

The trick was to make sure they didn`t break on the first round (hello nearby general) and then you could throw in a literally bucket of attack dice who with luck could circumvent the S/ T roll, making those pulcky little snitches even a threat to high armoured elite troops (okay, cavalry with their 1+ / 2+ save might have been pushing your luck, but elite infantry like Chaos Warriors certainly where toast), scrapping their rank bonus as an additional, well, bonus...

Currently working on a block of these blokes again, I decided to do a simple conversion to represent their unit champion, called a `Backstabber` in the Hobgoblins army book, and based upon a simple hobgob warrior.

The weapon was swapped with a huge plastic knife from the Marauder set I believe (dunno, been around in the bitz box for years) and a cut short chaos warrior cloak (the one with the fur interior)

With some `camouflage painting` this guy should soon be ready to lead the sneaky devils on the field of battle, even though the LoA list makes them `just` two hand weapon hobgoblin warriors (booh hiss) but they can still be themselves in either Ravening Hordes or the fan-made Hobgoblin book (hoozaah).

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  1. Looking good. I miss the good ol stuff, they used to make