zondag 15 juli 2012

Hyoga scenic base

A bit of a special thingy I have gotten my hands on recently, namely a special, unofficial, scenic base for the bronze Cygbus saint, Hyoga.

Hard to find and bloody expensive, I managed to snatch one of eBay for less then 50 dollars because it had a snapped off wing.  No problem for a wargamer, as the material of the statuette is the go around polystone material, which is easily superglued, especcially with a `clean` break like this one, and a bit of skull white later the crack is barely visible.

Only reason that it can be seen on the picture is because, well, the camera intensifies and contrasts it all a bit, but it looks awesome in my cabinet.

You also don`t want to drop this thing on your foot, it weighs about 4 kilo`s...

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