vrijdag 6 juli 2012

Hobgoblin Kharash Unit

When I first downloaded the unofficial Warhammer Armies: Hobgoblins army book, one of the units I definitly wanted to include in the budding force was a large block of Kharash, or slave units.  Planned for the 500 point tournament last week, I failed to complete the army in time, but that doesn`t mean I`m not going to keep building one.

There are better fates in life then being caught in a slave raid by a Hobgoblin tribe.  Tens of thousands of slaves are labored to death in the fields of the Eastern Steppes, and they are the lucky ones.  Many are traded off to the Dawi Zharr to toil in the forges of Zharr Nagrund and end up as sacrifices to Hashut very soonish. 
But when the tribes go to war, they gather all their slaves together in large blocks and herd them onto the enemy lines, to soak up the enemies missile fire and confuse their ranks, in an utter disregard of life.  Think a bit of `Operation Follow the blackie` from the South Park movie...

But these human shields are also great opportunities for doing something with excess models in your collection.  When I first tried to decide what to use, I was looking at a bag of 75+ Foundry Dark Age models and a heap of Curtsey`s chinese troops I still have lying around.  However, considering their `value` I soon decided against that and keep those models aside to trade off left or right.
Then I found some old 4th edition metal zombies (8 or so) and saw an idea... if I `camouflage painted` those models, in which the wounds and all where painted over as normal flesh, one would see ot zombies, but very scruffy, unhealthy looking humans.

And I can keep my hordes of greenskins to make the still traditional Ravening Hordes list `slave troops` of Orcs and Goblins.

I also had a set of 30 Mantic zombies from the not to be planned Superhero campaign, which left with Creepy Corridor Andy to places unknown, and the bulk of the force was decided upon.  It was about to be numbering 50 models strong, knocking me only back 100 points and not causing Panic in Hobgoblin units when they fled, ideal sacrificial blocks in other words.

Filling up the unit with some unit fillers, the first of two 50 man units as such was created.  For the second one I`m slow and steadily adding models to it, as I build that one using a model each time of the opponent beaten by my Chaos Dwarfs (in whatever game I field them, being it WFB, BB, HOTT or something else) since 2012, so currently it numbers 7 models (out of 6 WFB and 6 BB games).

For the unit fillers, I in the end placed three in them, namely an Ogre they caught on a raid somewhere, an old Shadow Lands `Spirit of Man` and a certain yellow rodent that farts electricity... and I so wanted to include Pikachu in my forces one way or another for sheer annoyance factor for my opponents hehehe.

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Great looking mob, You could still use them in a zombie game they would work in both. Perhaps not the ogre mind but Nicely done

  2. Haha, I love that the electric rodent is stood atop a plinth of skulls... All you need now is Mr. Fish from 'Macho men doing manly stuff'!

  3. @ Brummie: true, but I doubt Supersytem will ever seriously see the daylight at the club, so the dead blokes will be spending their careers in the slave pens of the Great Horde

    @ myincubliss: sheer irritation factor, I even bought a pluche pokeball to toss against my nemesis's head in full battle to break his concentration hehehe