maandag 23 juli 2012

Saint Seiya Myth Cloths: Shaka of Virgo and Camus of Aquarius

No less then two Gold Saints have swelled my ranks lately, and even though they are starting to show their age compared to the latest releases (Marin!) they still make for great lookers in my cabinet.

This is a short post as I`m swamped in work as well as doing the final hands (okay, final being relative, I estimate a months work left at least) on setting up my TCO account to complete three card games near my heart, more of that later on.

Bar that, I`m also involved at the moment in various painting competitions and can`t show the entries off as long as those rounds are going, but I promise to at least show off two repainted Heroclix figures tomorrow morning.

Shaka of Virgo is also known as the man closest to God, or even as the Little Buddha.  Without a doubt the most powerful of the Gold Saints, he manages to defeat and destroy about two dozen of Hades`s Spectres in one blow, a serious feat!

He is ultimately, and as later revealed, on purpose, killed by three fallen Gold knights in a scheme to reach the Underworld by forcing them to use the forbidden attack of the Saints, the Athena Acclamation

The model comes with a pedestal to pose Shaka in his signature meditation move as seen above.

The second Gold saint is the master of all the Ice saints, Camus.  In the magna he is the direct teacher of Hyoga, in the anime the Crystal saint is placed `between` them, but the Cygnus saint reveres him.  Not on the side of the Pope, Camus sole purpose when the Bronze saints mount the Twelve Palaces is by teaching Hyoga to become strong enough to save Athena.  First he encases the Cygnus saint in the Libra house, but later he is defeated by his young pupil when Hyoga copies and masters the ultimate ice attack, the Aurora Execution, nearly perishing himself in the absolute zero of the environment.

The model also comes with a Hyoga head, as the Cygnus swan will donn the cloth of Aquarius often afterwards, and will become the next Aquarius gold saint, though the Omega series still has to confirm this onscreen.

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