maandag 30 juli 2012

Tourist Tips for Geeks: Outpost Gamecenter Antwerp

While I was sitting at the bar last sunday in what I can classify as my `regular pub` *yes, it has a fully licensed bar* I was suddenly hit by the idea... what if I made a semi-regular series of gaming / hobby places I visit.

The general idea might be then that if YOU'RE visiting Antwerp or it`s surroundings one day, you might want to visit one of these places to catch a game or search for a missing piece in your hobby collection.

So as the idea sprang there, the first `tourist tip for geeks` is as such the Outpost Gamecenter Antwerp, often referred to as just `Den Outpost` or even `OP`.

I went to Werner, the storeowner, and asked if he would mind if he would take some pictures and he didn't mind, so let`s have a look at the store:

The mailbox betrays the old name, Gamelink, but the rest is the same facade as long as memory serves, the OP.  Werner`s vision he once told me was that he wanted to do `something` with games, and that something has grown out to three stores now, one in Antwerp, Ghent and Brussels.

Here is their website with webstore and all.

Entering the store you`ll see a true walhalla of gaming cards, catering all the `large` series but also smaller, more obscure games.

The store also caters a large selection of boardgames as well as accessories like comics, binders, sleeves, game collectables like statuettes and the likes.

Turning around you see the other side of the hobby, the cybercafe boasting a huge array of ultramodern computers

In order to use the computers, you register an account that is usable in all stores of Outpost, and it starts at 3.75 / hour and deminishes the longer you use them.

A staircase leads to the basement where the tournaments are held:

This area is about as large as the store upstairs and can seat (cramped) around 150 players or 'roomy enough' 100 players.

So that is the first of the tourist trips I can recommend, maybe I'll see you there one day!

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  1. Awesome, it still has Duel Masters advertised! I'm sad that it's getting relaunched and changed, many of my teenage years were spent playing cards with ridiculously high power levels...